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Strengthen Marriages In Your Church and Community

FIREPROOF is a action-packed love story about a firefighter, his wife and a marriage worth rescuing. This feature-length movie will have audiences on the edge of their seats as the main character explores God's design for relationships and marriage.

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Official Church Marketing Resources by Outreach, Inc.

Official Church Marketing Resources by Outreach, Inc.

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5 Reasons to Engage Your Church with Fireproof

1. Marriages Inside and Outside your Church are Ending in Divorce

Studies show that 50% of people will be divorced at least once in their lifetime. Almost everyone in your church and community has felt the impact of divorce and yet so little hope is being offered. In FIREPROOF the movie, firefighter Capt. Caleb Holt and his wife Catherine Holt are about to divorce when Capt. Caleb is presented with a book that brings him to Christ and teaches him how to love. FIREPROOF the movie and the coordinating resources and message series offered by Outreach provide your church an ideal opportunity to offer hope and healing for the marriages in your church and community.

2. FIREPROOF is a Movie made for Ministry

Most movies are made for entertainment and very few provide the Christian church an opportunity for ministry. FIREPROOF is a refreshing change - it was made by Sherwood Baptist Church! The film provides opportunities to open dialogue around issues of conflict resolution, differences between men and women, pornography, forgiveness and need for God’s love. Whether your church wants to do a marriage sermon message series, movie event, small group study, seminar or other type of ministry, the FIREPROOF movie clips, postcards, banners, door hangers are designed to help empower your efforts.

3. FIREPROOF winning Rave Reviews

FIREPROOF was released in theaters nationally by Provident Films and earned endorsements by top Christian ministries and leaders.

Testimonials from Gary Smalley, Dennis Rainey and Focus on the Family

4. You Choose how to Engage Your Church!

FIREPROOF is a powerful film that can be used in many ways to reach out and grow marriages. Everyone in your church knows someone who needs the message of FIREPROOF, so the invite will be natural.

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5. Easy to Use, Affordable Tools

As the official resource provider for FIREPROOF, Outreach can help you plan an outreach that will minister to your congregation and help you reach your community.

Official Church Marketing Resources based on FIREPROOF the Movie